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4th annual WALK HER WAY® -Friday, June 12, at 6:30 pm.

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Established in 2006, Rosemary Beach® Foundation offers cultural, educational, community and charitable activities for residents and visitors of Walton County.  Our annual programs are

  • Girls Getaway
  • Music in Pictures
  • Rosemary Beach® Unleashed
  • Walk Her Way®

In our 8 year history, over $450,000 has been donated to local organizations.

$27,500 is donated to Alaqua Animal Refuge (Tamara Tricoli, Laurie Hood, Jim Fowler, Zuma Banks)

Rosemary Beach Foundation donates $27,500 to Alaqua Animal Refuge relocation campaign. (Tamara Tricoli, Laurie Hood, Jim Fowler, Zuma Banks)

Walton County Public Schools receive $7,000 to support arts in education.
$7,000 is donated to Walton County Public Schools