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Celebrating 10 Years!

Founded in 2006, the Rosemary Beach Foundation offers and supports community, cultural, educational and charitable activities in Rosemary Beach® and Walton County, Florida.

We are proud of the Foundation and grateful to the many partners who have made our work possible over the years. At the heart of a community foundation is the community.

10 Years – 10 Stories

Investing in Walton County Schools
The Rosemary Beach Foundation provides year-long educational initiatives.  This story is the Annual Music in Pictures, where art teachers in all Walton County Schools are invited to participate in a project that links classical music and art…..Click Here For More Information

Fostering Community
The Rosemary Beach Foundation encourages a sense of community among Rosemary Beach Homeowners by holding special community events.  These events bring people together in fellowship and fun, building relationships and goodwill.  One story is the Annual Taste of Rosemary……Click Here For More Information

Partnering with Others
Walton County is fortunate to have individuals, businesses, and organizations committed to our community.  The Rosemary Beach Foundation assists other organizations in some of their efforts.  One story is the Raising the Roof Campaign for the Pierce Family Walton County Children’s Advocacy Center……Click Here For More Information

Promoting Opportunities to Learn
The Rosemary Beach Foundation encourages learning through informative and entertaining talks, discussions and workshops on various topics of interest.  This story is about Live and Learn…..Click Here For More Information

Supporting Special Events
The Rosemary Beach Foundation is a good partner with the Rosemary Beach Property Owners’ Association, and as such, coordinates events initiated by homeowners.  This story is about the Annual Fall Bocce Tournament….Click Here For More Information

Creating Traditions
The Rosemary Beach Foundation builds a sense of community through the establishment of traditions.  This story involves one of the Foundation’s most popular events, the Annual Girls Getaway……Click Here For More Information

Building Awareness
The Rosemary Beach Foundation raises public awareness on issues and challenges which affect our community.  One story is the Annual Walk Her Way®, an event that supports Shelter House and their local domestic and sexual violence efforts to assist families in exiting violent situations and finding new, safe living opportunities…….Click Here For More Information

Advocating for Animal Welfare
The Rosemary Beach Foundation promotes Rosemary Beach as a petfriendly community.   Each year, The Foundation hosts Rosemary Beach Unleashed™ which draws pet owners and animal lovers for an afternoon of canine fellowship……Click Here For More Information

Opening Education Doors
The Rosemary Beach Foundation supports individuals in reaching their academic goals through an endowed scholarship at Northwest Florida State College….Click Here For More Information

Making Donations Count
Through these efforts, contributions from big-hearted homeowners, event participants, and other community friends, The Rosemary Beach Foundation has donated over $500,000 to local organizations during its first ten years.  Walton County is a community with stronger support for education, culture, and child/family health and wellbeing because of your contributions!

Please join us in continuing the work of your community foundation. You can volunteer, participate in our events, or join our Capital Campaign.  Please get involved!  www.rosemarybeachfoundation.org


The Rosemary Beach Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under IRS ID #20-3764896.  Contributions are made to The Foundation and support many educational programs, charitable organizations and community events.


ROSEMARY BEACH® and ROSEMARY BEACH UNLEASHED™ are trademarks owned by Rosemary Beach Holdings, LLC and are used with permission pursuant to a license from Rosemary Beach Holdings, LLC.  WALK HER WAY® is a registered trademark owned by Rosemary Beach Foundation, Inc.