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Your willingness to support our community foundation is vital to our growth and continued success. We can do even more with your help. We invite you to join us for a celebration. This celebration is one you do not have to attend, buy a new outfit for or miss a glorious day at Rosemary Beach: our inaugural 10th Anniversary Friendship Drive! Many of you have been loyal supporters of the Foundation through your time and your donations to our many events; we could not have accomplished these last 10 years without you. Both existing and new friends of the Foundation are invited to join us in our 10th Anniversary Drive. We so appreciate your support at any of the patron levels that are outlined below

Rosemary Beach Foundation

Cindy Joyce, Friendship Drive Chair

Malayne DeMars, Executive Director


We hope that you will join our efforts!

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    • Founder $25,000
    • Diamond $10,000
    • Premier $5,000
    • Platinum $2,500
    • Gold $1,000
    • Silver $500
    • Bronze $250
    • Friend $100

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    Your tax-deductible donation to Rosemary Beach Foundation supports local events, educational initiatives, and charitable activities.  These programs engage the rapidly-growing and diverse community of Walton County.